7 Reasons You Need to See Motorkite Dreaming

Motorkite Dreaming has just completed its premiere tour around Australia, and is now available to watch online and on DVD  all over the world.  

1. Flying 4000km across the largest island on earth via motorbike with wings is kind of a big deal.

Pretty Big Deal

Amateur adventurers Aidan and Daryl set out to fly across some of the harshest and most remote terrain on earth in an epic journey few experienced pilots have attempted before. Of course these two got their microlight licenses just a week before the trip. Maybe they missed the memo?

2. The Motorkite dream-team are people just like you! Only with better fashion sense…


Aidan is ‘Action Man’ – a remote area nurse and enthusiastic adventurer. Cautious Daryl is a web designer, musician, and gardener – a bit slower off the mark. This odd duo are best mates and a great team, but with the relentless pressure of risky flying, a timeline, and the challenges of the outback, things are bound to get a little messy.

3. Their girlfriends are absolute legends.

MKD_EP1_150911_v2.1 (1)

Elsie, Daryl’s fiancée, has never journeyed to the outback before – she’s also planning her wedding to take place at the end of the trip. Aidan’s partner Lexi is more experienced, but she’s also three months pregnant. Baby and wedding aside, these legends drive a 4WD 4000km through swamp, desert, and bushland carrying all the adventure gear while the boys are in the air. Hardcore or what?!

4. You’ve probably never seen Australia look so good.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.31.41 PM

When you’re soaring through the air, wind in your face and nothing between you and the endless sky, you look down on the red earth below and simply become lost for words. These are the kind of views that make you go, “Woah. Just woah.”

5. They touch down in remote outback communities you’ve never heard of before, and probably can’t pronounce.

sign copy

Have you ever been to a ghost town called Yagga Yagga? Or the underground supermarkets in Coober Pedy? Can you say Oodnadatta ten times fast? No? Didn’t think so.

6. The adventurers take you through 20 Aboriginal language nations, connecting with the oldest living culture on earth.

DSC_4735 (1)

Aboriginal elders Carroll and Bart were the cultural liaisons for this aspect of the trip. Bart is a Traditional Owner of the Narunga Nation, and Australian Rock n’ Roll legend Carroll Karpany is a proud Ngarrindjerri man. A year before the boys took flight, these guys and the filmmakers drove the entire route so they could ask permission from traditional owners to be in their country then and the following year to shoot the film. Motorkite Dreaming is an incredible opportunity to learn from and open your eyes to a culture of mind-boggling complexity, beauty, and humour.

7. Inspiring, funny, and emotional, Motorkite Dreaming is a much needed reminder of what life’s all about.

Sunset Fly 2


Motorkite Dreaming has just completed its premiere tour around Australia, and will soon be available to watch online and on DVD.  Pre-order now to receive a special discount!