Adventuring With A Purpose

Motorkite Dreaming has just completed its premiere tour around Australia, and is now available to watch online and on DVD all over the world. Order a Xmas special pack to save big on DVDs, while donating to critical health services in remote Australia.

By Aidan Glasby


Why I love adventure


I was born into a family with parents who loved adventure and giving to humanity. I have beautiful memories growing up of sailing across oceans, exploring caves, being bounced around on a mattress in the back of an old land cruiser with my siblings and whoever else could fit in as we explored the expanse of the outback.

The adventures opened my eyes to a beautiful diversity of people, cultures and ways of life. I remembering feeling incredibly privileged and being inspired to support people not as fortunate as myself.

Meaning behind the mission


I love a good adventure, but adventuring without a greater purpose felt frivolous to me. So, I’ve made it my mission to combine adventure with purpose throughout my life. I have spent 5 years working as a remote area nurse in Central Australia and been involved part time with primary health care work in Ethiopia for over 10 years. More recently I have been involved with public health projects in Cambodia and a school development project in India.


Not just another adventure story


The microlight voyage was perhaps my greatest adventure yet. Flying crazy little microlights is sensational and fulfilled a childhood dream. However, the motivation behind Motorkite Dreaming (apart from a lot of fun) was to share through a cross-cultural adventure story the human beauty and diversity of remote Australia.


The aim was to highlight some of the positive stories of the characters living and working in outback Australia. In particular, we wanted to add a brick of understanding to the cultural bridge between Indigenous and non-indigenous people in our country. And if it can inspire you to get off the couch or even dream of seeing central Australia, then it’s done it’s job.

There was another motivation too. Working as a remote area nurse, I was exposed to two awesome organisations: Western Desert Dialysis (WDD) and the Royal Flying Doctors (RFDS). We used our voyage to fundraise and raise awareness for both.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service



The Royal Flying Doctors play a vital role in delivering lifesaving health services to people living, working and traveling in rural and remote regions of Australia. During my time in the center there was not one family I met that did not have an incredible RFDS story to share. We hope to continue our support of this inspiring organisation in the future.

Western Desert Dialysis



WDD work with people with end stage chronic kidney disease who require dialysis (a filtering process to remove toxins from their blood). There are different types of dialysis processes, but people receiving ‘haemodialysis’ generally need treatment three times a week for approximately four to five hours each session. Access to this treatment is predominantly provided in metropolitan areas, which can have a devastating impact on families living in remote areas when people have to leave their community and travel far for their dialysis.

Indigenous Australians are almost four times more likely than non-indigenous Australians to die from Chronic Kidney Disease. To respond to this reality, Pintupi people formed the Western Desert Dialysis organisation to support renal patients and their families and return them to their country and families where they belong. The full name of the organisation is Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation (WDNWPT). The title means ‘making all our families well.’

The Purple Truck



In 2012 the organisation launched the ‘Purple Truck’, which is a mobile haemodialysis unit. This service provides essential mobile medical services to people throughout the region, including many of the communities we visit in ‘Motorkite Dreaming’. This service saves thousands of kilometers of difficult travel and averts the need for people to make the long journey into city centres, away from their homelands, for frequent treatment.

These guys do a sensational job and fill a much needed niche supporting marginalized people and their families through a life long chapter. They’re super inspirational and deserve any help they can get. Please consider donating to keep the Purple Truck on the road.

This is our passion. What is yours?


The microlight voyage was our way of drawing attention to the great work being done in remote Australia and bring a different spin to what’s going on out there.

We all have passions and dreams. What’s yours? What’s stopping you? Scratch your arse and the day is gone. Life is short: don’t hold back.


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