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Product Description

4,000km of Outback Australia. 4 amateur adventurers. 2 second-hand flying machines. And the largest island on earth… What could possibly go wrong?

The ultimate Aussie adventure story. Four amateur adventurers take two microlights – otherwise known as ‘motorbikes with wings’ – and fly them 4,000km across 4 deserts.

This is the tale of Aidan, Daryl and their fiancées’ dream to pull off a daring feat that few have attempted before. Flying from south to north from Adelaide to Broome, the intrepid couples navigate tough flying conditions, crocodile-infested swamps, and their own personalities.

Led by two Aboriginal guides, including rock ‘n roll royalty, Carroll Karpany (Us Mob), the flying circus heads deep into the spiritual heartland of Australia. Soaring through twenty indigenous language nations, they connect with a culture thousands of years old.

As pure cinema, Motorkite Dreaming is the ultimate bird’s eye view of the Australian landscape. Whether they are swooping low over Lake Eyre, or across the Great Sandy Desert, this film offers a perspective few can ever hope to see in their lifetime.

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DVD region format

NTSC (North America + Japan), PAL (Everywhere except North America + Japan)


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